Jewelry Restoration

Jewelry Restoration

All work is done on site and you are invited to watch your work done.

Our master jewelers are rich in experience and uniquely capable to take on the most daunting of projects.

See below for a few examples of past restoration.

1. An Eternity Ring’s Life Cut Short

Ever lost something and given up on ever finding it again, only later to find it in the most curious of places?

Well, that’s exactly what happened to this platinum and diamond baguette designer eternity band.

It was lost and found years later in a parking lot, where it apparently endured a long while of being repeatedly run over, before settling into a crack in the asphalt.

At Bishop's Jewelry, a restoration specialist was able to employ new techniques in laser welding and fill the rings deep gashes with fine platinum wire.

The end result was a seamless finish that made the ring good as new!

2. Platinum and Diamond Heirloom Made Anew

Perhaps the most challenging aspect of this restoration is that it had been repaired by others many times over the years, leaving a trail of inexpensive solder and quick fixes to work around.

After repairing the main plate and burnishing the platinum back into place, this early brilliant cut diamond halo sparkled once again, and this time for the long term.

3. An Estate Ring Restored

So worn the center gemstone had fallen out, this antique estate ring had past its prime years ago.

Though, after it was brought to a Bishop's Jewelry jeweler with a specialty in restoring antiques like these, the delicate Old World wire work was painstakingly rebuilt.

The shank of the ring was remade with critical attention to historical details, the milgrain was restored to its original crispness, and the center setting was crafted once again to finally be complete with a gemstone fitting a classic.

4. Victorian Engagement Ring Saved

Originally thinking this Victorian-era engagement ring was beyond repair, the client requested the diamonds be used to create a entirely new ring on account of their sentimentality.

Upon learning however that the ring could be restored with relative ease, they decided to keep their family ring.

To return the ring to its original state, the bottom half of the shank was re-fabricated and re-engraved, the channel holding the side sapphires was re-built and broken sapphires even renewed with custom-cut replacements.

5. A Class Ring Beyond Repair

Are we the most skilled shop for jewelry repair around?

We think so! At least, that’s exactly what this veteran of the U.S. Navy thought after seeing this sentimental ring amazingly restored in full.

Despite having been run over, the center gem was still intact and a Bishop's Jewelry restoration specialist was able to spare the original details while reshaping the ring with stronger materials and re-cut center gem to last a lifetime.

6. New Settings for Princess Cut Diamond

It’s almost hard to tell what the setting style on this ring even was previously, with each prong warn and the last completely torn off.

A new finish and sturdy chevron prongs adhered directly to the existing ring updated the piece and ensured a reliable setting for its precious gem.

7. A Perfect Match for a Lost Earring

Can you tell which one is the original?

Originally purchased from a celebrated American jewelry designer, the owner of these gold and diamond earrings experienced the familiar fate of many; she lost one.

Rather than purchase a new pair, she sought out a Bishop's Jewelry restoration specialist to recreate a perfect match and uphold the sentiment of this original pair.

Sourcing diamonds directly, we were able to not only offer a mirrored design, but also source diamonds of the same quality.

Bishop's Jewelry can repair your jewelry! Just contact a designer specializing in restorations directly.

Whether you come into our Fairbanks Alaska store, or work with us online from anywhere in the country, we can provide estimates quickly and make your jewelry good as new.

8. Gold and Platinum Wedding Set Improved Upon

Adding a larger diamond center to some rings is not as easy a job as it may be for others.

In the case of this ring, a new four-prong head needed to be custom fabricated for a diamond four times the size of its predecessor, yet allow for the engagement ring and wedding band to still sit together side-by-side without interference.

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