Jewelry Appraisal

Jewelry Appraisal

People frequently contact us for an appraisal to sell their jewelry. We can help you with that, and much more. There are three types of jewelry appraisals:
  • To know what price you can sell your jewelry for
  • To know the value of your jewelry, often recently inherited
  • To insure your jewelry or for an estate valuation

The "I want to sell my jewelry" Appraisal 

Sometimes people will ask us for a written appraisal so they can sell their jewelry.

We are happy to help with this! But our experience is that unless the jewelry has a very high value, the sales price you receive may not justify paying for a written appraisal.

We will advise you if are one of the few that will be benefitted by a written appraisal.

We will make you an offer to purchase your jewelry and it’s free!

We have found that our offers are either competitive or higher than other jewelry stores.

Many times we offer more for nice gemstones and diamonds than others because we specialize in custom made jewelry.

Selling your jewelry to a jewelry store is the fastest and easiest way to sell your jewelry, but there are other ways to sell your jewelry.

Appraisal Consultations


Appraisal consultations are an excellent way to learn about your jewelry and its value.

People often want appraisal consultations when they have recently inherited jewelry.

Others are gifting jewelry and want to know more about the jewelry before gifting.

With our training and expertise we will tell you as much as possible about:

  • What are the stones? Are they real and what is the quality?
  • What is the value of the jewelry?
  • What is the approximate age and history of the jewelry (if determinable)?
  • How was it manufactured and what stones or parts are original (if determinable)?

Appraisal Consultation Costs

At Bishop's Jewelry Gallery our Appraisal Services are provided by a certified Gemologist. There are 2 basic levels of Appraisal:

  • For Insurance purposes a full printed evaluation will be provided and the cost start at $85 per jewelry item. (discounts for multiple items may apply)
  • For an estimate of the sale value without printed certificate the charge starts at $25 per item. (discounts for multiple items may apply)

Please feel free to stop by the store any time for a consultation with our sales staff. Typical completion time varies on the time of year and complexity of the Appraisal but 2 weeks on average.  Sale value estimate can sometimes be done while you wait.

Estate or Insurance Appraisals 


Insurance or estate appraisals are formal, written documents by an independent appraiser.

Appraisals at Bishops Jewelry include a photograph and detailed description of the jewelry, with each gemstone and diamond measured and graded.

Our appraisals are done by our manager, Carrie Whitney, a Certified Gemologist. Bishops has been appraising jewelry since 2000.

We have a full laboratory on premises to accurately identify most gems.

We often see appraisals written by sellers valuing jewelry at a higher amount than they sold it for.

With few exceptions, the appraised value should be the same as the sales price.

There are some exceptions, notably jewelry purchased during a “going out of business” sale.

All items are photographed, described and insured while on premises.


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