Traveling with Jewelry

Summer’s here and if you’re like most people, you’ve got nothing but vacation on your brain. Like most of you, you’ll likely bring a couple pieces of jewelry with you on your trip. So, to avoid incidents like Kim Kardashian’s visit to Paris, we at Bishops have compiled a “How to” guide for travelling with your jewelry. 

First, don’t bring everything you own. Seriously. All you really need is a couple pieces at most. For the pieces that you don’t bring on the trip with you, you should store them in a safe for security. Always be aware of the pieces you do bring. Recent polls have found that up to 25% of travellers lose an item of jewelry while they’re travelling. Document the pieces you do take so you know what you’re looking for.

Carryon? Why not?

Airport tips: Always store your jewelry in your carryon bag. The pieces you do wear shouldn’t bring unwanted attention. Thieves will notice when you’ve let your guard down- even in the airport.

Beach please

If you’re heading to the beach, leave the jewelry back at the hotel in the hotel safe (or room safe if your hotel won’t allow use of theirs). This way you won’t lose your wedding band when you’re diving for that volleyball. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have theirs found and returned.

Insure it! 

Finally, in the event your jewelry goes missing. Make sure you have the piece insured prior to your trip. At Bishops Jewelry we work with Jewelers Mutual to give our customers the best quality insurance for their jewelry. While most policies only cover your ring under certain conditions, JM has your jewelry completely covered. Leaving you worry free in case of the worst. Click on the link below to get a free quote.



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