Earth Mined or Lab Grown Diamonds?

You're looking for a diamond, right? A real diamond. What if I gave you two diamonds to choose from? On the one hand, you have a diamond mined from the earth and, on the other, you have a diamond grown in a lab. How are they different? Which one is right for me? 


At Bishops Jewelry, we assist customers in finding the perfect diamond 

for them. So  today, we will be taking a look at some differences between 

earth-mined and lab grown diamonds and hopefully provide you with 

enough information so you can make an informed decision.

Earth Mined Diamonds are Fascinating

Let’s face it, diamonds are amazing. The way they form- the amount of time, heat, and energy, it takes for the Earth to create these marvelous gems is simply fascinating. Earth mined diamonds are formed over billions of years ago between 90 and 120 miles beneath the Earth’s surface. They form through hundreds of thousands of pounds of pressure at temperatures as high as 2,370 degrees Fahrenheit, then brought near the Earth’s surface through volcanic activity. If it’s not this amazing process, they are also formed by meteorite impacts. How cool is that?

Rare and Valuable

Mined diamonds are slowly becoming scarcer and are only getting more valuable. There are many active diamond mines today, but how long will it be before the diamond supply runs out? According to Bain & Company, 135 million carats of gem-quality diamonds were mined in 2015, up from 131 million in 2014. At the current rate, demand for mined diamonds will outpace supply by 2019. Investing in an Earth-mined diamond just may pay off in the future when the supply becomes limited.

Conflict Free and Certified

It’s not uncommon for one to be skeptical about the source of where their diamond came from and whether or not it has been involved with any “conflict”. Although not every diamond can be tracked to its original source, the industry has been making big efforts to track more of this information. The Kimberly Process was set forth in 2003 to prevent these so-called “conflict diamonds” from entering the mainstream rough diamond market. Now, despite what you saw in the movie, Blood Diamond, there is a significant amount of mines out there that are ethically sound. For instance, Canadian mines are known for “conflict free diamonds”. There are some companies that can even provide you with what is call a Diamond DNA. A Diamond DNA gives you all the detailed information about the source of your diamond and more! Most diamonds are graded and come with certificates with GIA certifications being the most respected.

Lab Created Diamonds are Real Diamonds

Even though they are grown in a lab, they are the same chemically and optically as Earth-mined. Trained gemologists cannot tell the difference between an earth-mined diamond and a lab grown diamond. Lab diamonds are not to be confused with materials such as moissanite, cubic zirconia (CZ), white sapphire, YAG, etc., which are imitations that only attempt to look like diamonds. Lab grown diamonds are grown in high-pressure and high-temperature chambers to replicate the conditions under which earth mined diamonds are formed. This process can take as many as 6 months, but doesn't produce anything as great in size compared to what is found in earth-mined diamonds.

Certified, Conflict Free and Eco-conscious

It's nice to know what you are getting and where your diamond came from. Each lab diamond has a guaranteed origin and is certified using the 4Cs just like most mined diamonds. Another great attribute to lab grown diamonds is that they are eco-conscious. Companies, such as Pure Grown Diamonds, offer lab diamonds that are grown in technology advanced facilities using modest amounts of energy and having very little direct impact on the environment. Not to mention the benefit of sustainability.

Price Cut

A strong benefit of going with a lab grown diamond is the attractive price cut. Lab diamonds usually cost about 30% less than earth-mined diamonds of comparable size and quality. With lab grown, you can get a gorgeous pink lab diamond for just a fraction of the cost of what an earth-mined would cost.

This new technology opens up new options for consumers when looking 

for a diamond. Here at Bishops Jewelry, we carry both mined and lab 

grown diamonds, some of which can be seen on our website at, to fit most budgets. Most importantly, if you need 

professional advice or assistance in finding the right diamond for you, 

please feel free to call us at 907-479-7001 or email us at

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