Diamond: The Unconquerable Gem of April

“As Pure as a Dewdrop, Invincible in Hardness”

Derived from the Greek word adamas meaning “unconquerable”, Diamonds are a perfect 10/10 on the Mohs Scale of 

Hardness and are only cut by other diamonds. The range in colors for this King of Gems are all over the board though 

they are mostly known for being a clear white. Diamonds are atomically unique because, even though they are 100% 

Carbon (like coal), they are formed under such extreme circumstances over millions of years. Though modern 

science has since been able to cut that time down significantly. More information on lab created diamonds can be 

found here. Diamonds can be found worldwide, though the most famous mine is the Kimberley Mine, or more 

commonly known as The Big Hole, in Kimberley, South Africa.

A Brief History

Diamonds have always had a variety of uses: from cutting tools to jewelry- even as a talisman to ward off evil spirits. 

The Dark Ages had inventive uses for the diamond. It was a common medical practice for diamonds to be ingested 

due to their healing powers. The first recorded diamond engagement ring given was in 1477 when Archduke 

Maximilian of Austria proposed to Mary of Burgundy. Ever since, it has been the premiere stone of love and 

commitment. The royalty of Europe briefly fell out of love with diamonds towards the end of the 19th century and 

beginning of 20th century. At this time, the stones started to get marketed to society at large and thus began the 

(modern) tradition of the diamond engagement ring.

The Wearer

Nowadays, both men and women are seen wearing this beautiful gem in all of its amazing forms. From solid black 

diamond rings to diamond-encrusted watches and iPhone cases, diamonds are still the gem to beat.

How to Care for Diamond Jewelry

First and foremost, though the diamond is a resilient stone, it is still susceptible to discoloration and cracking if it’s not 

handled properly. Remove the jewelry before any activity that would cause unnecessary risk to the stone (such as 

handling harsh chemicals, gardening, etc). Also be certain to put on your jewelry after you are done getting ready for 

the day as perfumes and some makeups contain chemicals that can negatively affect the stone. As for washing, 

gently wash the jewelry with warm water and mild detergent and scrub with a soft brush or cloth after soaking the 

piece for a couple minutes. We recommend you clean your jewelry once a week to maintain its overall appearance 

and health of the piece. This is often the best time to check for any nicks or damage to both the stone and the jewelry. 

It is always best to air dry your jewelry. Every couple months or so, stop by our store for a professional cleaning. 

While you’re here, let us know of any damages you’ve noticed during your cleanings.

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