Wedding Band Guide - How To Choose Hers

Your wedding day is just around the corner and we know 

you have a lot on your plate: cake tasting, menu decisions, 

seating arrangements, and dress fittings, just to name a 

few. With everything that goes into planning your big day, 

we at Bishops Jewelry have decided to make shopping for 

your wedding band easier by creating this super handy 


Make It A Date

Share this moment with that special someone. Make it a date. The two of you can explore our 

many options together and find your bands at the same time. We want this to be a moment you 

both remember. If you can’t bring them along for whatever reason, use our guide to help you 

decide what you want in a ring before you come to our showroom.

Styles - Straight vs Contoured

There are several styles to choose from and they are all equally beautiful in their own way. The 

first step in choosing a ring is to take your engagement ring into consideration. Are there natural 

curves on the ring? Does the center gem protrude? Does your ring have a halo around the center 

diamond? If so, the wedding band should be contoured in order to have a better fit- both on your 

finger and with the engagement ring. These contoured bands, also known as shadow bands, are 

designed to sit flush next to that beautiful engagement ring. There are also amazing flex bands 

that will complement just about any design of engagement ring. If a minute gap of a millimeter or 

two doesn’t bother you, then you can choose whichever ring suits you best. In the end it is a 

matter of personal preference.

Wedding Bands

Custom Bands

If you are having trouble finding that perfect compliment to your engagement ring, then have no 

fear. Just stop by our showroom where we have a hands-on custom ring design process. Our 

highly trained staff will work with you from start to finish to design that perfect ring for you. We 

even have a 3D printer to help you realize your dream. Designs are limited only by your 

imagination. This process will make your band truly unique and it typically takes 3-4 weeks for a 

full turnaround.

Wearing the Wedding Band Separately

Depending on your lifestyle (whether you’re a doctor or in construction), you will want to be 

comfortable on the job and sometimes that means wearing the wedding band by itself. So you 

should keep this in mind when picking out your wedding band. You are going to want a ring that 

both complements your engagement ring but is also stunning in its own right. Most importantly, 

you are going to want to love this ring on its own. Remember, this is the band that symbolizes 

your love for your significant other so make it special.

We here at Bishops Jewelry want to make your forever easier so do not hesitate to contact us or 

stop by our showroom if you have any questions.

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