​Wedding Ring Maintenance 101

Published by Jason Sessler on 28th Jan 2021

Whether you just got engaged or you have been married for 30 years, maintaining your wedding ring is very important. Didn’t know your wedding ring needed maintenance? Think about it this way: Everything in life needs a little TLC every so often- your house, car, kids, and, obviously, your wedding ring. Keeping up on the maintenance of your ring can save you a lot of headaches in the future. So, with that in mind, we have put together some easy tips to help you. Enjoy!

Wedding Ring Maintenance 101

Visit Your Jeweler

The daily wear and tear can take its toll on our rings so it’s best to see your jeweler at least twice a year for a routine maintenance check-up. Let’s face it, they are the experts and they have the best equipment to make your ring look as new and as clean as possible. In addition, they can make you aware of any potential threats your ring may face, such as: loose diamonds, chipped stones, worn prongs, etc. Most of us are rough on our jewelry so it’s nice to have an expert to help look after it.

Cleaning Your Ring

See your trusted jeweler. Most jewelers, like Bishop’s Jewelry, will clean it for free and check to make sure everything is secure. If you want to clean it on your own then I suggest you soak your ring in warm water with a mild dishwashing liquid (no bleach!) for 5-10 minutes then gently scrub it with a soft toothbrush. Another option is to buy an ultrasonic cleaner but keep in mind that certain stones can't be put in ultrasonic cleaners. The cleaners themselves range in price from inexpensive to very expensive. They use the ultrasonic waves to clean your jewelry but they can potentially dislodge the stones.


When you damage or lose your jewelry, the last thing you should worry about is how to repair or replace it. Insuring your ring is inexpensive, simple to do, and could really end up saving you in the future. When insuring your ring you have a couple options: you can either add it to your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance or take out a separate policy with a specialty insurer like Jewelers Mutual. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the fine print as some policies will cover theft but not “mysterious disappearance” and others may not even reimburse you for repair costs. Here at Bishop's Jewelry, we proudly work with Jewelers Mutual. They offer coverage for loss, damage, mysterious disappearance, travel- whether abroad or domestic, along with worn prongs, and missing diamonds.

Just Take It Off!

As busy as all of us are on a day to day basis, it’s almost impossible to avoid normal wear and tear on your ring but there are some things you can do to avoid damage. For starters: Take off your ring! Get into the habit of storing your ring in a safe place when engaging in certain activities. Playing sports, lifting weights, swimming, and cleaning, are all examples of activities that can cause damage to the ring. I know most of you avoid taking off your ring for fear of losing it but that is why it’s important to have a designated spot to put your ring. Purchase a trinket box or place your ring in the safe. Just make sure you always put it in the same spot to avoid misplacing it.

When in doubt, bring your ring to your trusted jeweler. Here at Bishop’s Jewelry, we work with customers throughout the United States and we always welcome questions. Feel free to give us a call, email, or, if you’re in the neighborhood, stop by the store.

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